Sketching Over Morning Coffee...Change of Plans

Early this morning, it was my typical coffee and Facebook time.  I’m reading about the assassination of Solemani, Australia burning, and rescue cats.  A memory popped up of a sketch from a couple of years ago.  
Then I was looking out the window that faces the pond and started laughing.  There was a chicken hanging out with the handful of ducks that camp out at the pond.  That was a double take.

This is how a sequence of events is going to change my day.  I started sketching ‘the chicken.’  My plans for today was to clean out my office and catch on the news.  Well, I’m going to change that all because of a chicken.  It may sound cheesy but it’s a beautiful day and I’m tired of the news/social media/weirdness in general.  I’m taking a mini vacation.

I’m off to go trike riding and…this time I’m taking my sketchbook.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking it with me.