Putting My Sketch Kit on a Diet

My sketch tote is on a diet, I’m tired of lugging it a round.   So I’m trying out different pens and pencils lately. For simple sketches, this might work.  I packed an Uni-ball Signo BroadUM-153 white gel ink, Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 black gel ink, and Koh-i-noor Aristochrom Magic pencil.

Uni-ball Signo pens are archival and ink resistant so I use them a lot with watercolor.  The white gel pen is the best of the best, it’s really the only white pen I use. 


  1. This looks gorgeous, Moon. So glad you're writing your blog again, as love seeing how things are made ( Magic pencils-who knew? Everyone except me, it seems :-) and love how you put the "sense" into sense of humor when you write.

    1. Thank you!!! I just found out about 'magic pencils' because of somebody else's blog. I also found tri-colored pencils by the same company so I'll be writing about hose as well. I missed blogging...


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