Impeachment Trial Beading...Travel Beading

Politics, even here, influences my life.  I’ve concluded that politics and technology touches us all.  Society changes politics and politics changes society. This week, starting tomorrow, starts the beginning of the impeachment trial in the Senate.

So I’ve gathered up projects, ordered beads, finished up some UFOs (unfinished objects), and cleaned my beady desk.  I also updated my beading tray because of Willie, the demon cat, has a habit of raiding my bead tray. 

I needed something that would both travel and zipp up.  I found the Kit xChange Travel Beading and Jewelry Making Board. It's wonderful and fits both bills. I add a No More "Oops!" Bead Tray to keep the seed beads from rolling around.  Great for travel. No more bead soup.

When I just to live up north, I met up with a couple people to drink coffee and seed bead. I normally spent more time getting ready to bead than beading.  Both of these will hopefully change that.