City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

My Goodreads review:

‘City of Girls’ is a coming-of-age story that is told by Vivian Morris as an 89-year-old woman about her younger self. The story is being relayed by Vivian’s letters to a younger woman named Angela.  Vivian is a self-absorbed young woman the beginning chapters.  Her lost little girl story transitions into a mature woman during WWII. She grew into a resourceful, vibrant, and confident woman.  I almost put this book down because of the first couple of chapters but I’m glad I didn’t.  I would have missed great witty dialogue…rich, well developed characters… story that made an impression on me.  I will remember Vivian Morris…and that’s why I’m giving the book five stars.
It's one of those books that it's a meh or ya love it.  I can't see to much in between.  Again, the first several chapters were hard for be to get past.  Young, self-absorbed, help me because I'm a lost little girl doesn't do it for me. After that, I loved it. 

I loved it enough to have a double blog post day.