What Happened??? Facebook is not enough...

    One my favorites that I created in Procreate.

This morning I was sitting back and drinking my coffee thinking about 2019.  This is the time that folks start thinking about New Year resolutions.  I used to go look at my blog to jog my memory of what happened during that year.  Bam...it occurred to me that I don't blog anymore.  I only blogged once in 2018 and this is the first blog post in 2019. 

In 2018, we packed up, sold the house, and moved to Texas City. I have a few photos on my iPhone and a few from Facebook but that's it. It was the best thing that Bob and I ever did but I didn't blog about it.  Social media took away the need or the want for blogging for me.  I've even gotten out of the habit posting on Instagram. 

This year...it's gone almost. 

Nox died and Mouse is ill. We got the "boys," Prince Eddie Asshat and Sir Willie Belly Feathers...but where are the photos?  Well they are mostly lost on my iPhone with a few on Facebook.  If you are just finding my blog, this is all about our cats.

I've taken zillions of photos this year alone...sketched...ate my way across the Galveston Bay area cuz of the fabulous restaurants...started beading again...read more books than I can count...got a trike and we ride the beach most weekends...seen some of the kewlest sights...but I didn't blog about any of it.  It's like it's lost on Facebook in between the political posts and news articles. 

I used to blog back when I was in business but I also put in a lot of personal in those posts.  Since I retired, it's like there's no reason to blog.  I found that reason today.  Facebook and social media isn't enough, it's only part of my story. The little bits of life get jumbled up, misplaced, and poof, they are gone.