More Retirement Thoughts Over Morning Coffee

I tried to wake Mouse up for a photo, she wasn't interested.

Somebody recently asked me why am I so busy if I’m retired.  I had to think on that.  I read an article a couple months ago about the over glorification of busy. The over glorification of busy and practical minimalism are the current buzz phases.  I thought that might be possible so I’ve been figuring out where I spend my time. 

A lot of my time has been spent with two end of life cats and another young cat that had an ortho surgery, Prince Eddie Asshat.  One of the end of life cats passed away and the other gotten better with daily medication.  It was all the cleaning up from them.  Then there’s Sir Willie Belly Feathers…he’s only nine months old, intelligent so he gets bored easily, and is very high energy.  In other words, he bounces off the walls and breaks things.  This too will pass, he will grow up and calm down.  I hope.

They look sweet and innocent here...but they aren't.
Willie (left) and Eddie (right)

There’s social media time, never ending laundry, reading the news, riding my trike, digital art classes, reading, writing/calling/emailing/faxing my Congressmen and Senators.  The latter, does it change anything?  Wish it would but even if it doesn’t, it makes me feel better.

Sometimes it’s online shopping. I don’t grocery shop much unless it’s at Aldi. They have great produce, gotta have my avocados.  We do a click list for either Kroger or HEB. No impulse buying of food that we’re not sure what to do with.  Bob cooks but it’s typically quick and easy. We eat out a couple times a week.  

The biggie since I retired is that I sleep 6-8 hours then spend an hour having a nice quite wake up with my coffee.  I normally talk to the cats, give a few pets and tell them they are pretty.  Sometimes I pick up after their midnight zoomies, sometimes I take off to go sketch or look around the local area.  When I get a little bored, I step outside my comfort zone and try something new…or do a project I’ve been wanting to do.

So yeah, I’m busy but I’m busy doing the things that I want to do, mostly.  Nobody wants to clean the cat box.

It's time for me to get going. The weather is looking good and I want to go riding on the beach this morning.