Merry Christmas...Bright Blessings of Galveston Tourist Seasons

Bright Blessings...

This household starts the celebration at Thanksgiving and doesn’t stop until Imbolc.  Bob and I aren't major Christmas people, we don't even have a tree up because of the 'boys.'  It's not the holiday, it's the entire season.  It's not tourist season.  

The tourist season remark wasn't meant to be funny.  Galveston has less than 50, 000 full time residents.  It's 27 miles long and at it's widest point, it's 3 miles wide.  Galveston got over 7.2 visitors in 2018 and 2019 is looking like a record year.  Texas City is a suburb of Galveston and has many tourist attractions.  Getting the point here...if not, it gets crowded starting at Spring Break and slows down right after Halloween.

Galveston was made for tourists, so is most of the Texas Gulf Coast.  Let me clarify here, I don't dislike tourists, I used to be one.  We traveled here on vacation at least once a year for over a handful of years before we decided to move here.  Now Spring Break can be overwhelming, like right out of the movies.  It's a people monsoon.  

We wait all year for the quite time and the season is upon us.  Today will be busy, tomorrow we will be bike riding on the permitting. 

Bright Blessings to you and yours...I hope you enjoy the season however and with whoever that makes you happy.