Galveston Bookshop, Kindle Unlimited, Whispering Pines Mystery Series

Last post of the's gotta be about books.  I spend too much of my time reading, not to. 

We are locally bookstoreless, yeah I know that isn’t a real word.  Galveston Island has GalvestonBookshop on the Strand.  It’s an amazing place with a lot of history.  During Ike in 2008, they got seven feet of water and was remodeled after that.  They do book signings, buy and sell used, and have a out-of-print section.  The shop also spotlights local and Texan authors.  If you are in town, it’s worth a stop.  Or catch them on Twitter for events, author signings, and updates about Carson, the shop cat.  

I’m more of an ereader for fiction and cookbooks, not that traditional books aren’t wonderful but my Kindle works well for me.  Nonfiction is a different story, I prefer the real deal book.

I started the Whispering Pines Mystery series that I picked it up from Kindle Unlimited but I saw it on Goodreads first. I’ve never read anything from Shawn McGuire before and she’s a Texas author, from San Antonio.  Just finished Family Secrets and liked it well enough to move on to Kept Secrets, the next book in the series.  January 2020, the ninth book in the series will be available.

My Goodreads review:
The book is the start of a mystery series, with a dash of paranormal, series.  It’s a quick, easy read that kept me turning pages.  There’s a lot of things happening around the mystery, so that alone kept me interested.  I liked the characters in the book.  From the lead, Jayne O’Shea with her dog Meeka…to Tripp….to the other from people living in Whispering Pines.  Very believable characters with interesting personalities. 

As you can tell, my reviews are short and sweet.  Most people have already looked at a review from either Amazon or Goodreads before even picking up the book.  Also if I don’t like a book, typically I have already put it down within the first fifty or so pages and moved on to another.

A lot of times, I have more than one book going at the same time.  One in my Kindle, an audiobook on my iPhone, and sometimes a library book.  If I’m taking an online class, I am reading another, depending on the class. 

Not only am I bookstoreless, I'm currently libraryless.  My local library is currently undergoing renovations.  So I've been reading more books from Kindle Unlimited and Scribd.  Both are paid services but they are MUCH cheaper than buying books or audiobooks.  Scribd is my to go to place for audiobooks.  They can be accessed via online and from apps on my devices.  

That's it for the last post of the year.