End of Year Thoughts, I am Enough...

Every year, New Year resolutions roll around.  I’m supposed to be more present, more mindful, more creative, more grateful, or more whatever. Or have goals to lose weight, stop smoking, eat better, learn a skill, quit procrastinating, or whatever. 

The reality is if I get my underwear tag in back and shoes on the correct feet, I’m good most days.

2016 was the year of being tired. 2017 went by in a blur.

I owned 2018…I moved cross country, retired, and checked off my life goal of living by the sea. I did what made me happy and burnt a few bridges with no regrets.  My life became more drama free. I replaced my what-ifs with fuck-yeahs.  It was a busy year but a good one.

I welcomed 2019…I lived my truth, became stronger than my fears, found an even louder voice, and realized my worth. I watched Prince Eddie Asshat and Sir Willie Belly Feathers grow up. Watched Nox die and I’m watching Mouse slow age away.  Surprise, I’m even in the process of cleaning up my blog and started writing again.

There’s been folks that choose just one word, the #OneWord365, the One Word Project, etc. There’s a bunch of them out there now. Mike Ashcraft wrote a book called, “My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word.”   I did that for a couple of years, it does take intentionality and commitment.  It shaped my year and made a huge impact. I’m glad I did it and most likely, I’ll do it again sometime but not in 2020.

2020 will be an interesting year. On the political front, there will be a lot a of choices that will need to be made.  Those choices will affect the rest of my life.  I’ll make a point to keep informed and read what is happening.  I’ll still make my voice heard and get more involved in a couple of months, closer to election.  I'm taking a holiday break.  This is a topic for future blog posts. 

I figure there will be a lot of cringe-worthy moments in 2020 for me to write about.  I doubt that we, as a nation, we all are going to sit around the campfire and sing “Kum Ba Yah.”  I’m betting that it will be more like a Cold War out of the 50’s for a while.  I’m also good with that because there are too many issues that I don't want to compromise on. 

2020 on the personal front I have several projects cooking and I plan to go beach riding a lot.  20/20 vision for 2020, I do not plan to kick ass or stress about things I can’t change.  I do plan to wear sunscreen, wear a hat, and not forget my sunglasses.  That’s about as much as I’m willing to commit to right now…except that I have added teaching myself how to make animated GIFs. 

I’ve already lived through losses, lessons, and more WTF moments than I care to count.  I’ve had more blessings than any one person should have in one lifetime and I’m grateful for them.

Bring it 2020…. I. AM. ENOUGH.  This is my Zen as Fuck year.