365, Photo a Day Project and Art Challenges

Normally I don't see a lot of dark shells on the beach.  These caught my eye.  There's a beauty to them, not all beauty is perfect. 

The reason why you are seeing the photo is because I only have two more photos to complete my 365, Photo a Day Project.  I posted many of them on Facebook or Instagram.  Some hashtagged, some not, and some I didn't post.  There's only so many cat faces that any sane person want to see, unless the cat is your cat. I also did some food photos, which I'm lousy at and those were mostly for me.  

This is a cross post of photos from Facebook.  Normally I would do that but I'm getting ready to write about art challenges.  See the number circled below, 11,532.  That's the number of photos that I need to clean up on iPhone's photo roll.  I've already did a lot and thought I was keeping up on it.  That's a small down side to a photo challenge. 

On the bright side, I did keep up with the photos on my SD cards from the Nikons.

I've done a lot of art challenges in the past twenty or so years. Even completed a lot of them.  Some I'm even glad that I did them. The daily ones are hard because life gets in the way.  Unless you can complete a daily project from beginning to end in less than thirty minutes, life will get in the way. There are days that you don’t even have those thirty minutes.  Photography is one of those that was quick.

It’s also up to you if you want to show the world or not.  I do sometimes, some I don’t.  I’m more likely to post them on social media if it’s a ten- or thirty-day challenge.  Last year I did Inktober, this year I didn’t.  I told myself that I was already doing a photography challenge.  The reality was I wanted to spend more time wandering around Galveston or at the beach.

Life is challenging enough, don’t do something that stresses you out.  They are a challenge but they are also supposed to be fun.

I’m not doing an art or any other creative 365 challenge this year. I might do a limited one, I haven’t decided yet.  I am looking for a reading challenge that fits me and my lifestyle. 
I used to go to a local bookstore to feel up the books to find new authors.  My local library is still closed because of renovation.  I look on Goodreads for interesting new books sometimes but... 

Maybe I need a challenge to expand my reading world.