Watercolor & Sketcher Folks – Masking Tape – Nichiban Architectural Masking Tape – Product Review

I’ve been using blue painter’s tape to block off, protect areas, and working with negative spaces.  There are times that I don’t take time to stretch the paper, I use tape instead.   I also use it sketching when I don’t want to use clips or when the paper seems to buckle a lot on me.  Most of the time, it’s fine but I’ve had times that either I’ve left it on too long or sticks too well.  It will take a layer off or tear the paper.  Or it leaves a sticky spot on my paper. 

I’ve tried different brands, kraft paper tape, artist tape, tape for delicate surfaces…etc…etc…etc.  All are supposed to have low tack and can be ‘easily’ removed.  Ha!  Most of the time they work for me but when they don’t, they really don’t.

I was looking for another tape to try and found Nichiban Architectural Masking Tape.  I bought it because the tape spools were much smaller to back in my sketch kit. Sooooo glad I did, it was exactly what I was looking for.  There is nothing more disheartening that finishing a painting, pulling off the tape and hearing that ripping sound.

This stuff if FABULOUS. It holds well with very little bleed, better than my blue painters tape.  Best of all, no tearing or sticky spots. It’s a clean release on all the papers I've used it on.  It comes in 12mm and 18mm.  As you can tell, I’m really impressed with this tape.
If you order it from Amazon, it's a Japanese import so it takes a couple of weeks to receive it.