Put a bird on it....Pantone's 2017 Colors

I've been stumped on how to finish a few pieces and they have been sitting in my studio.  There's nothing wrong for waiting for the inspiration to hit but I keep tripping on them.  So, I just put a bird on one of them.  I calling it done.  After it finishes drying, I'll sign, seal, and hang it in my foyer.  The finished size is 10x20, one of my favorite sizes to paint on.

While working on this, I got thinking about color.  I used to work in glass before paint.  Color is what kept me coming back to art after glass. 

Color and emotion are linked; color sets the tone and pace of our life.  Color is everywhere….our homes, offices, and out in the world.  It reflects our mood by the clothing we wear, I think it’s called wearapy.  Some people have physical reaction to color, like increase heart rate.  Color has a huge impact on my mood, just as sunshine has a psychological value.  I keep my office as bla as possible, it keeps the distractions down.  Where I like brighter happier hues in my bedroom but more muted than primary colors. 
Most visual artists know about Pantone, the below is Pantone's colors for 2017.  I find the color names interesting, just as I find nail polish names interesting.  I have to admit, they are creative but not really useful.

I like this years palette, I'm drawn to Island Paradise and Greenery.  Yellow-green and blue-green have always been my favorites but I would of paired them with either a clean red or gold, maybe a magenta. I love my lucky hot pink sneakers. 

Now here's the fine print.  When Pantone picks a great palette of colors I like, I buy clothes.  When it doesn't, I don't buy.   Unless I want to wear those colors of that year or wear black, there isn't much on the racks. Same with buying things for the house. 

2017 will be a great year for buying clothing for me.