From my sketchbook this week, social media overload....Peace on Earth

I'm still sketching daily.  I haven't decided if I'm Facebook lazy or still on my detox sabbatical.  Either way, I haven't been posting much there.  Instagram is growing on me more.  I spend less time there and spend more time doing other things.  2016 was the year of social media overload for me.  It had a direct impact on my creativity and my mood.  It came down to the point that I detoxed, not because of the information. I could process most of it and move on...but it was the people but that is a story for a different time.

Twitter doesn't do it for me, I typically don't bother much with it unless I'm looking for quick information.  It doesn't give me the visuals that Instagram does.  Time will tell but I'm blogging and Instagram seem to do it for me currently...who knows next week.  That's the

Anyway, here's a few of the pages from my sketchbook.  I am thinking that this is a better way to keep track of my sketching process, a weekly blog post.



I wish everyone a fabulous holiday season.  It's going to be a quite week at home for us.  I plan to spend my time binge watching True Blood and Game of Thrones with some extra sketching time, eating great food (most likely too much), and finishing setting up my sewing room.  Hopefully spending some time with a cuppa and my books in the afternoon.  Yeah, this year, it's all about me and self care.

Laters....Bob has some soup and homemade bread cooking....