2016...The Year of Being Tired

I’m tired and what I’m tired of is a very long list. 

I’m tired of people that think they have the monopoly on ‘truth’ and ‘wisdom’.    I’m tired of the theological masks of bigoty and hate; it’s your fears and figure out why you have biases.  In 2016 I was amazed at the number of people that I thought I knew. 
I’m tired of listening to people blame others only because they are afraid.  Your fears are your problem, adult up and face them instead of acting out.  Therapy helps, go for it…it will help with basic human emotions such as compassion and empathy.

I’m tired of the white supremacy bullshit.  The color of a person’s skin has to do with melanocytes and the geographic distribution of UVR, not stereotypes.  Seriously people, we all bleed the same color.
Face of Fear
During my tired phase of 2016

 I’m tired of willful ignorance and selective knowledge.  I’m tired of fear mongering via innuendo and mischaracterization.  Get out of your little comfort sphere and talk to people.  It’s a big world out there, celebrate diversity.  If you are more of the intellectual type, try reading about Terror Management Theory.  The higher the focus on personal mortality such as high crime, terrorism, or personal safety; the higher chance one will turn to religion, political ideologies, and national identities.  It provides a buffer to makes us feel secure…it’s a false sense of security but it makes people feel better.

Face of Silence
During my tired phase of 2016
I’m tired of people that go with the flow….dead fish go with the flow.   If you decide to be a dead fish, that is your choice.  The opposite of courage is not running away or conforming to the will of others. Obedience is not a virtue unless you are a toddler.  (paraphrased from Jim Hightower)
I’m tired of excuses for ignorance because people are either under-informed or misinformed.  Hidden illiterates are ignorant of their ignorance.  Look up Dunning-Kruger Effect, expand your horizons  and try Google; read a proven news sources, or read a book.  News sources vary, read more than one and compare. 
2016 wrap up in one sentence


I’m tired of people telling me to get over it when it comes to this election cycle…it wasn’t about Trump or Clinton, it was about the people. Any Nation’s greatest resource is it’s people, all it’s people.   

I have special message regarding the Trump supporters, I’m apathetic regarding you and yours.  We will be professionally polite and civil to each other, but I stopped listening to you and we are not ‘friends’.  Friendship foundations are based in trust and respect.  I don’t trust you and I don’t respect you but I wish you well.  It’s a big world and I’ve moved on.   You can keep on saying get over it, it was the jobs, or he was an outsider….Cha Chi, my monthly donations to Planned Parenthood and ACUL goes up.

Will my attitude change, doubt it.  It's how I feel and have felt since the early morning of Nov 10th.  If I was going to get over it, it would of started happening weeks ago. 

That’s it for this year….I’ll contemplate 2017 tomorrow.