2016 Reflections

2016 started out full of promise, as all years and new beginnings do.  Hey, it was the year of the Red Monkey…it was the year of Pokemon Go, mannequins, record-breaking Powerball, quinoa, Nobel laureate Bob Dylan, and Simone Biles.   It was also the year for Russian hacking, Zika, Cliven Bundy, global atrocities, police shootings, protests, global populism, homegrown terrorism, and fake news.

It was the election drama that went on and on and on…and on some more.  The old KKK has a new face and name, Alt-right.  There’s an increase of hate crimes, xenophobia, and sexism.  We now live in “grab them by the pussy” county.

We said goodbye to Harper Lee, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, and Prince.  We had the horrors of death happen in Brussels, Nice, Turkey, and Mosul.  At home, we had deadliest mass shooting in recent history, Orlando. 

Then there was election…that went on and on and on. I’m in the middle of a Facebook detox break and staying away from people in general.  Our political views are a direct reflection of the type of person we are….it’s a part of who we are and our personality.  I’m finding it hard to put the intolerant and racist genie back in the bottle. Once seen, it’s kinda hard to unsee.  

2016 was most likely a pivotal and milestone year for many.   It was for me. 2016 was exhausting, mostly because of social norms. You know, the times that you smile but inside you are either laughing or so appalled that you are rendered speechless.  I’ve had too many of those awkward situations….maybe time will heal all wounds but for now, I prefer a cup of tea and a book.

Everyone has certain days that they will always remember. I still remember Sept 11, 2001 and the days that followed.  I still remember Jan 7th, 2015 because that was when I saw Galveston Island again and decided I wanted to live there. I still remember Sept 23rd, 1978 and my 20th birthday party.  It was at the Pi Lam house, huge toga party, and animal house theme with disco music.  

I’ve seen a lot of years come and go but I will never forget the night of Nov 8th, 2016.  I will never forget the feeling I had in the early morning hours on Nov. 9th.  

On the bright side, the end of 2016 has become freeing...less filters to worry about.

I do miss blogging so I will be back more often.  I'm not on Facebook that much but you can catch me on Instagram.