Back Sketching and watercolor

I've been taking a few online art classes, mostly about sketching.  This is the time of the year that it's the perfect weather before winter hits.  So I'm out for a bit of lens action, I'm also sketching at the same time. 

The above was a fleeing from the rain sketch.  I was out and about when a pop up rain storm got me out of the Garfield Park area.  Watercolor and rain just don't mix well.  Lunch was sound good anyway.   

Below...I did return and got another sketch almost done.  Rain I finished up the sky in the studio.  Normally I try to finish the sketch onsite but rain is rain.   Took a photo and headed home. 

The above is from Washington Park in Avon...great place but this go around was looking a bit green. Correction, a lot of green without much else.  I'm giving myself extra credit points for mixing up so many different greens. 

The below was a quick sketch waiting to pick up the hubby from the airport.  What else does one do while sitting in the cell phone lot...waiting. 

Have a great weekend...