Index-Card-a-Day Challenge...Days 53-58...Heading down the home stretch...

Index-Card-a-Day was a long challenge, not as long as my Create365 I'm doing this year but that is very different.  My Create365 is daily but it's anything creative.  Which there really isn't a day that that doesn't happen for me.  It only makes me more aware that I'm doing it. 

ICAD 2015 was 61 days of focused creativity on either 3x5 or 4x6 cards.  For me, that's not just small but more like itty bitty.  I'm still glad I did it.  I has been a wonderful experience and I hope I'm able to do it next year.  I've met some of the most fabulous people there are on Facebook!!!!  I would totally recommend this challenge to anyone...and it's for everyone!!!!

ICAD #53…off prompt – thinking about social issues and why we, as a society, allow them to happen…big thoughts over morning coffee.   Watercolor and graphite on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #54…off prompt & catching up, desk shot – an itty bitty pear study, then I ate it for breakfast.

 ICAD #55…off prompt…carrots study…geez, I feel like I’m painting a farmers market run.  Watercolor and pencil on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #56…off prompt…a bit of jasmine tea.  Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus and FW spray inks, watercolor and ink on 4x6 scrap paper. 

 ICAD #57…off prompt…a funny little bird.  Zig Clean color brush pens and FW inks on 4x6 scrap paper. 


 ICAD #58…off prompt…quick blue kitty face, my muse is on vacation so it’s kitties again….ink and watercolor on 4x6 scrap paper.

That's it for today....I've got 3 more days...

Have a great day!!!