On the Road...Following my Arrow...new sketching setup on the road...

It's been a long day...we've been in the car for hours.  Normally I wouldn't complain because if traveling was free, nobody would see me online ever again. LoL   

Most of the day, the above was my view. It rained, it was mostly grey soupy sky. After about six or so hours, I was done. 

I passed some of the day sketching, depending on which state we were in.  Some roads are smoother than others. 

The good news is the test drive of the sketching setup was successful.  I'm actually excited to have it...it will make sketching on the go or onsite much easier. 

We stopped in Arkansas for a short break and food.  For the life of me, I saw this and busted out laughing.  Yeah, everyone turned around at stared at me but hey, I doubt I'll see them again.  Today alone, we were in six states.  

It is my "Year of Wanders & Wonders" and I plan to follow my arrow.