Photography, textures, and Photoshop...word prompts

Teaching myself how to navigate in Photoshop has been a challenge.  It's such a huge, complex piece of software that I doubt I will live long enough to ever master it.  I'll be happy if I can speed up my workflow by knowing where to go for what instead of looking in book.

 I've started to use word prompts to help myself work with a visual image that evokes either an emotion or a state of being. Maybe even a situation.  Like above, the photo was shot right before a storm. 

Last Days of Summer
 The above photo of a yellow daisy was not as fresh and perky that I typically like but summer is almost over.  It's that vesper time between summer and fall. 

Fey Ring
 The above's prompt was 'dreamy'...I like how it turned out. 

I was going for 'creepy'...I think I nailed it.  I don't think that creepy is my thang but I learned a lot with this image.  

Have a great day!!!