A Photo a Day Project...my day, yesterday and today...a new fine art photography piece

The past couple of months, I've been working on a series called "BackRoads." I'm certain that I'll be working on this one for many more months to come. 

The are short slices of time...that's what I call a photo...that I've viewed driving the back roads of the Midwest. 

Some shots, like the above fawn, I was lucky. It was a one shot deal, I had my camera and she was there.  She spotted me and poof, she was gone. 

Then there are some shots that just catch my eye.  

Then there are scenes that are iconic in nature...yep, it looks like the typical Midwestern farm. 

This one, no...it's not part of the series.  It's one of my fine art photography pieces...I like it and it's what I worked on today. 

Have a great weekend!!!