The last couple of weeks has been busy...yeah, I know you know that.  It's been one of those times that I'm tying up loose ends on one project and starting another...all while I've been working on a body of work.  I'm fortunate to have a hubby that is supportive of my artistic interests.  In the past, I got into this endless circle of making money on the short term vs long term business solutions.  This go around, it's been more of a planned series of event. My issue is that I have very diverse interests and keep getting side tracked...but even that is OK. 

By working more on a creative level and leaning towards learning new world has opened up. Who would of though that I'd enjoy photography or digital art?  Both are tremendous tools for a painter or illustrator. I can jot down and develop ideas anywhere, anyplace.  It's come to the point that those tools are as important to me as my brushes, paint, and paper. 

Anyway, the above is an experiment with different filters on the camera lens and a new software.  It's still rough but it has potential. 

Have a great day...I'm off for a day of play, boardgames...