Sketching with Pentalic sketchbook, Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers, and Kuretake

I like sketching, iPad or traditional sketchbook, it doesn’t matter to me.  Lately, I’ve been testing out a Pentalic Nature Sketch 6”X12” sketchbook.  The paper is 130lb, a bit lighter than I typically like but it handles watercolor and light washes well. Not so well with acrylic.  It’s semi-toothy, more like rough vellum on the side I was working on. More like a cross between cold and hot press watercolor paper.  The opposite side is smoother, more for pen and ink or pastels.  Both sides are a natural white and plastic spiral bound.   

I have been pleasantly surprised with the paper quality.  More so because it's fifty sheets for less than $10.  It didn’t buckle as long as I used one piece of tape and didn’t work too wet.  It isn’t as great as Arches but better than Canson, and behaves much like Fabriano.  The quality is fine for sketching even with watercolor or ink.   The 6’X12” size is perfect for me…easy to carry in my camera pack with lots of options for sketching.  I build color by blotting and dirty washes.

This is a test drive and review of Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers.  I didn’t pick up many, just a handful to see if I like them or not.  I do like them, the black is fabulous for sketching.  All I need to pack is one of these,  my sketchpad and a waterbrush. Easy peasy and I’m off.   Kuretake has a brand of waterbrushes, they handle much like a pen and a watercolor brush.  

On a side note…Kuretake makes waterbrushes as well. They come in several different brush sizes but I typically reach for the medium. Easy to use, the brush works well with watercolor, and portable. Best of all, they don’t leak. I use them for inks and liquid watercolor as well as a waterbrush.
Back to Zig’s Clean Color Markers… They are water soluble, blend well, and have the vibrancy of a marker. I used them more like watercolor than markers but I have used them for bolder illustrations. They work great because they are controllable and have consistent ink. The brushes are rather flexible, can fluctuate between thin to thick lines. They are affordable but non refillable and come in a huge selection of colors via Dick Blick.  I'll be ordering more in the future.

That’s all the pros…the con is that I can find no info regarding if they are lightfast or not.  So with many different types of ink and watercolors, I have set up a test in my sunroom.  In a couple months I will have my answer but until then, I will use them for sketching.
All-in-all, they are worth a test drive...