Before the storm...a new card series....

We have a winter storm alert...I've seen the photos on Facebook and it looks like the shelves in every grocery in central Indiana are wiped clean.  The forecasts range from 8-14" to 6-10" with winds and then the sub-zero temps set in.  It's supposed to be some of the lowest temps in over 20 years and could rival 1978's blizzard.  We have prepared, it would be dumb not to but it's more of a quite couple of days.  Yes, we could be locked in the house but it will be quite, the fireplace will be on, and I've got work to do. 
Currently, I've got a lot of paperwork to do.  Lots of loose ends to tie up so if a winter storm is going to happen, this is a good time for me.  Well, if there is a good time for such things. 
Getting ready for the storm, I got the bird feeders filled up and new visitors showed up.

The above is one of my favorites. The birdies have been thick, they must be filling up before the storm.  It was also might be the new bird feed too!

The below are some of the photos. These photos have been processed and will most likely be turned into a card series.


Stay warm...stay safe...