IPad App Thursday - Paper by 53

There's a tone of drawing and sketching apps out there...so many choices, too many choices sometimes.  Paper by 53 is a simple app, in other words it doesn't have a huge dashboard of bells and whistles. Starting off, it's a free app and great for note taking or jotting down an idea. Think of a white board and marker sketching, that’s what it is Do you need a stylus? No but it is easier.  It's a try it until you buy the rest of the tools sort of app.  If you like it, then the add on tools are so worth it. 


It’s an intuitive app, one of the best of them.  The Pros of the app is that it’s quick to learn, it’s a great way to store sketches, and customizes to my needs.  The Cons, it’s not an Art Rage or Procreate type of app.  If that’s what you are looking for, there’s a ton of those types of apps.  Paper by 53 is more of a brainstorming/sketch/doodle app but it’s also very responsive with a zoom feature that I like.

Let’s face it, there’s a tone of apps out there period.  It doesn’t have layers and it’s a simple swipe up menu.  The latter works great for me but I can see where it wouldn’t for a lot of people.  There’s always Penultimate too, it was bought by Evernote.

The in-app purchase of Draw, Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer are so worth it for me.  So I did...the above sketches include those tools.  BTW, this app is so easy to use, I've played with it for less than 24hrs.  So we are talking a quick and sweet learning curve.

The iPad is an incredible tool for artists...it's portable and easy to organize for me.  I don't have to tote my paint & brushes...wait for it to dry.  I don't have to clean up ink spills nor worry about space.  It's a compact way to carry a mini studio. 

Can an artist create art on an iPad...YES!  It's a tool, just like a brush or masking fluid.  How an artist embraces the tools, it how an artist will grow and learn.  There's been so many advances in apps in the past couple of years. For me, it's worth taking the time to mix technology with my creative endeavors. It pushes my imagination and creativity...isn't that an artist's greatest tools?  Even more so on a mobile platform.  Points to ponder, huh?  Think about it, you won't be sorry in the long haul...

Later Gators...