It's beginning to look a lot like Fall here...

This is my favorite time of year in Indiana, mostly because it isn't the heat of the summer and isn't the dreaded winter.  It's also because of the mix of color outside.

Fall cleaning in the house and business has already started.  The new website has been launched, with more updates coming. 

The house has been cleaned. I mean cleaned, re-organized, and a new couch ordered.  I've found that the old one wasn't comfortable to me.  So I was spending more time in my office and studio than in the rest of the house.  There comes a time, that all work and no play makes me grumpy.  I hit that point. 

We are also getting ready for winter...that's cleaning gutters, stacking wood, cleaning out the pantry, and the washing of winter clothing and bedding.  Geez, this is wearing me out.  Just about done, then I won't mind what winter brings. 

Next, before the trees get naked, it's time for some lens action. 

Have a great weekend!