Sneak Peek of what I've been working on...project 46122

Project 46122 was started by a Danville, Indiana artist, Moon Stumpp. Yep, that me. There isn’t anything political, drama related, or financially driven about this project. It’s about art…it’s about changing the world one step at a time. It’s about doing instead of wishing. It’s about not waiting for the perfect moment; it’s about taking the moment and making art.
Why art? Because art is what makes us human.
Why do I do it? Because I can.

How did this project start?  In the beginning of 2013, I got involved with a 'Pay It Forward' project.

I waited for a bit for people to forget that they signed up for this.  Then sent the surprises many moons later.

During the waiting period, I wanted to start the ball rolling.  The next step was planning and setting up 46122 ArtOut with sponsors.

June 1st was a rainout, many people still showed up.  It was a start and sometimes the firsts steps are the hardest.

Back to the studio with me...I've got a handful of halfies (half finished projects) to complete...