In the Middle...adventures in spray paint

I’m in the middle of working on a real website.  I’m also in the middle of moving from PC to Mac.  Sounds like I’m repeating myself but I’m also in the middle of working several new raw materials, getting my office redone, etc, etc, etc.  
I’m trying to pack in a lot of work in a very short time and it is panning out for me.  Kinda…I’m getting a lot of things accomplished but my ‘to-do’ list keeps getting longer. It's the simple things like tweaking both my studio and office so that it's more workable.
Yesterday, I started working on a kids' project that will take place on August 17th.  So I still have a couple of weeks to finish it.  It's part of the community art project that is sponsored by Hendricks County Art Council.
Now for the fun stuff...
I started out with plain ol'cardboard boxes.  These were the freebies that come under can goods. Cardboard isn't archival and these aren't meant to be anything more than fun.  These were spray painted in a blending of several different colors....

Next was the 'laying of of objects" and another course of spray paint. This pops up the gear shapes.

This is the next step...I used stencils that I've drawn and then cut.  This one is a simple, one layer cat head.  BTW, see the respirator...yep, I recommend them, even outside. Better safe than sorry...and I also don't get the headaches at the near mention of spray paint.

This batch is done …it’s good exposure for kids to different types of art, that's also interactive. The kids will be able to draw inside the lid. I’ve got a couple more batches to are next. These will be given out at Avon’s The Art of Jazz free concert on August 17th.

It's back to the studio for many projects and not enough time.

Later Gators,