Garage Studio...home studio

I've been kinda busy the last couple of weeks.  We have redone the garage and moved my mixed media stuff.  I've still have a few boxes to put up and then it will be done.

Next is the office...I had my studio and office together.  It was wonderful in some ways but I really couldn't paint like I like to paint.  I was always worried that paint or gesso was a bit too close to my equipment.  Plus I really ran out of room when I started printing my own prints.  So, it was time.

This really should solve all the space problems.  We have been moving studios (Bob has one too) and offices around the house for the past couple of years. Ever since we moved them home. It seems like a nightmare but we have learned to organize well and they have been kept clean.  It just hasn't been productive for either of us. 

In some ways, a home studio is a pain.  In some ways, it's wonderful.  We thought about moving them back to an artist hub but most of them are a 45 minute drive.  That's an hour and a half that I was on the road a day.  It doesn't seem like much but it was.  Plus it was the cost...the price of my work hasn't gone up but the cost of everything else has.  I just couldn't add a studio rental to the overhead.

There are also some might fine points to keeping the studio home.  Yes, I miss First Fridays...I also miss a few other things...but...I can multi-task.  When frees me up for other projects. 

Since both of us also work out of the house, we need offices...separate offices. If either one of us was one the phone, the other really need to be quite. Which was putting a cramp in both of our work flows.  Just to let everyone know, we still have living a living room and kitchen. 

Anyway...hopefully by this will be done.  Then Spring cleaning starts, which really won't be much to do.  There's only a couple rooms that hasn't been ripped apart and put back together again. 

Later Gators,