A Painting a Day - 10 Day Challenge...Day 10...digital mixed media...studio update

The last couple of weeks have been rather busy for me.  The garage is turning into a studio since all the glass, kilns, and other various glassy stuff has found a new home.   All the built in cabinets have been ripped out; they were totally a waste of space.   Nothing fit well into them.  All the huge holes from my ventilation unit has been repaired. All the walls have been patched and primed.  

We have sorted, tossed/donated stuff, and streamlined the things that we need in the garage.  Still, my living room looks like a warehouse. The painters will be back next week to finish up. 

Yay…well maybe, then comes the organization.  The new shelves have to be put together and then the carrying starts. Oh yeah, the track lighting...then building a mini photo studio...not to forget about my shipping area...you get the idea. Then I'll finish up with moving the office.

Then it's Spring cleaning time.  Which won't be bad at all after all of this. 

The below...part of A Painting a Day Challenge, day 10.  The challenge is done, I'm glad I did it but I'm also glad it's over. I learned a lot and made some new friends on Facebook.  All fabulous artists!!!!

So all in all, I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  My digital is getting much better...the studio is almost together...and it's steps forward to sell online. 

Part of me says it shouldn't of taken this long to be up and running.  The other part is yelling...hell yes, it should of taken longer.  I've spent hours upon hours teaching myself a new medium.  I had surgery last June and I'm still getting zingers from nerve regrowth.  Not many but...anyway, it's full steam a head. 

Later Gators,