A Painting a Day - 10 Day Challenge...Day 9...digital illustration

Ok...it's only one more day to the challenge.  Even though I'm glad I participated, I’m glad it’s coming to an end.  It pushed me to create quick, fast, and creatively but I’ve got some projects I need to get back to.  One of them is below…working on printing of my work.  The other is getting ready to go back to Etsy and other online selling venues.

The above is the color scheme for my office too.  It's the art that I picked for it.

As I'm writing this, the painters are in the garage. As you know the glass studio is GONE!!!!  The garage is undergoing a redo so that the painting studio can move...the shipping area can move...the storage area in the sunroom can move.  My office will move as well but not in the garage, I need windows.

The redo, the move, plus spring cleaning will be done in about 2 weeks.  So I have a light at the end of the tunnel. 

That's it for the update...I'm off to design a logo for a local ArtOut, more about that later...