What I've been working on...digital mixed media...

I'm still working with digital mixed media, I doubt I will be stopping anytime soon.  I love it!!!!  Yes, it's a huge learning curve but the options are limitless.

The above is from a very old photo that I also did a watercolor from.  It's actually several photos layered on top of each other so that I didn't paint it too tight. I merged the watercolor and photos, then did the digital painting.  Then I did some digital enhancements.  I learned a great deal from this piece, which makes the creating even more fun.
Not as intense but enjoyable to create.  Still, this is a direction in my work that I'm excited to be doing.

I've still got to finish building my mini still life photo studio.  It's just about done, I've still got to tweak the lighting.

Later Gators,