Project digital mixed media work

There are all types of projects that artists, bloggers, and photographers do.  One of the best known is the “365 Photo a Day”.  There is also “Shadow Shot Sunday” or “Fine Art Friday” and even “Week-End Reflection.”  This year I picked “Wordless Wednesday” and “Project 52.”

Project 52 concept is a yearlong commitment that I will post on my blog a piece of art.   This is not a commitment to the blog reader, it’s a commitment to me by me.   Now as one of my blog readers, you get to see weekly art so there is some benefit to you. 

I had some of the greatest intentions of starting the project last week but Blogger and I aren't getting along.  Just to let you know, that Blogger has a glitch right now with IE.  For some reason, I can't up load hiss. 

So drum first Project 52 posts...

The above is a all digital via various software and programs.  It's one of my favorites so far.  I'm really only touching the bits and pieces of digital art.  The potential is unbelievable of the creative work I can do.  I'm learning one drop at a time. 

The below is part of my 'Conjoined Cat' Series.  The subject is Mouse, my grey tortie gal.  

That's it for now.  I'm taking the rest of the evening off to read Jim Butcher's "Cold Days"  and to elevate my knee. Right now I'm limping around like an old lady, I jacked my knee trying to avoid stepping on a cat while on stairs.  It's just been one of 'THOSE' weeks. 

Later Gators,