Digital Painting and Patience...Digital Watercolor...Project 52

This week has been an exercise in patience.  From the never ending grey skies…to the lingering cough from my cold…to my slow moving and painfully slow transition into digital media.  So I’m patiently waiting and optimistic that all these things will get better.  Spring will appear, my cold will disappear, and I will learn this new medium.  
On a more happier note...
…it is supposed to be in the upper 50’s next week, time for some lens action.
…I’m now working on digital painting.

Project 52

The above was my digital's a beginning.

It is also a challenge for me but I think that in the long run, learning this technique will open new doors of creative endeavors.  In other words…I think it’s kewler than kewl.  Currently, it would be quicker to paint the piece but in the future, who knows.  What it does do is makes me think and consider the artistic nature of the work.  It also makes me work with the graphics tablet…which is a huge learning curve for me.
Later Gators,