Beehive Market in Danville, Indiana...Yay! Yay! Yay!

Yay!  Yay!  Yay!  My town, Danville, has a coffee shop.

The Beehive Market is more than that…it’s a combo between a mini farmer’s market and a café with out of this world coffee.  

I was there yesterday…a small group of artists got together for a chat and coffee.   To have a place to meet, in a small town, is wonderful.  The business’ hours impressed me, they are open M-F 7a to 9p and S&S 9a to 9p.  They are easily seen by the street, the location is 55 East Main Street, Danville, Indiana 46122.  They also have GREAT parking.  

Whenever possible, local ingredients are used.  Which impressed me.   The syrups, that go into the coffees, are handcrafted by Beehive. The menu is fabulous and seasonal…right now its handmade soups, sandwiches, salads, frozen yogurt, and bakery items.

The big one…they have WiFi.  For some folks that might not be a big deal.  For me, when I’m out and about having some lens action, it’s a place that I can stop and look though my photos via iPad.  It’s a place that I can have something to eat, have a coffee, and finish up my day.  It’s a place that a couple of friends can meet, eat, and play with our apps. I can power up my laptop while I'm waiting for someone.  

The seating is comfortable, the entire physical location is inviting, and lots of natural light.  It’s an easy meeting place too.  The way the windows and parking is, it’s easy to take a seat and wait because you can spot your friend/s coming in the front or back.  The café is both convenient and comfortable. I ordered a double Nutella Latte and a sour cream coffee cake muffin.  Yum…and more yum.   I felt a little bit of Austin, Texas moved into Danville, Indiana.  All that was missing was the warmer weather.

I was introduced to the owner, Betsy Bassett.  Here again, I was impressed. 

You can also catch them on Facebook for the soups of the day and events. 

All-in-all…the highest praise I can give is that I will be back.  

Later Gators,