The challenge of mixed watercolor painting

 I spend a lot of time at the Indianapolis Airport. Either dropping Bob off or picking him up.  I pulled over to the side of the road and popped off a couple of frames.  I'm thinking that a wide angle would of been better but  you get the idea.  At night, the airport can be seen for miles.  It's actually a lovely view.

Yesterday, I took some time off my digital direction and picked up a brush.  It was good to work with watercolor paint but painful.  It's come to the point that I really need to have a set schedule in a way.  I really need to paint a couple hours a day, every day.
How I'm going to do it all?  I don't know.  There isn't enough hours in the day or I'm not multi tasking well enough. That's one of my goals to figure out...soon. I've been told that it gets easier in time, I'll hit a schedule that works.

Mixed media has it's challenges and this is one of them.  The other challenge is the amount of stuff you need...most, not that expensive...but it's the storage and physical space that is needed sometimes.  This is another challenge that I'm working on.

I'm off to the studio...later gators...