It's a cold icky day here...Backyard views in Danville, Indiana

 It's a grey day here, Mouse (below) is napping. Which I would like to be doing but I've got some jewelry to photograph.  I've been trying to gather up as many photos as I can to paint before we get into the snow season.  BTW, snow is a four-letter word to me.
 All-in-all, I'm enjoying my camera.  I still can't walk and get all the buttons/knobs working so it's a time thing. 
On top of the gloomy day, the HVAC man is here.  We don't have any heat right now. Yesterday, it kept getting colder and colder in the house.  I thought it was the icky weather.  Yeah, right, I wish.  I looked at the temp, it was down to 61 wonder I was cold.  Anyway, it's in the process of being worked on. 

Have a wonderful, dry weekend!!!