Digital Mixed clean watercolor palette

A photo is worth a thousand words...a clean palette and desk.  It's rare...actually this is the first time that I have totally cleaned a palette.  Now the real reason cat, Izzy, decided to sleep on my desk. A fuzzy, furry cat doesn't mixed well with paint, any paint unless it's totally dry.  My palette paints were still damp, fuzzy mess by the time I found them.

 The above was a digital mixed media experiment that included work with a graphics tablet.  The graphics tablet is one of the pieces that I've been missing.  It's a wonderful addition for any one that does digital art.  I have a Wacom Bamboo Create, it's the largest Bamboo and I'm glad I did.  Later, if I stay with digital, I may upgrade but for now, I'm fine.  It works wonderfully for me.

The above is a background...I make lots of these to either to digitally draw on or to merge with other digital work to create the final piece.  Sometimes I will use these as layers or pieces of them to create texture. 

That's all the fun stuff, now for the icky.  I've been having lots of sinus issues, it's the same one off and on since May. Enough times that my Doc has decided to to send me to a CT scan.  So tomorrow, I have to have a sinus CT scan.  She would like to confirm that I have a big 'snot ball' of infection someplace in my sinus cavities before she puts me on 6 weeks of antibiotics. 

Later Gators,