Bee Skinner at Tri Kappa’s Gingerbread Christmas...a show review from a shopper and artist

Yesterday, Bob and I stopped in at Tri Kappa’s Gingerbread Christmas. This show has been around for decades and it’s held at the Plainfield High School.  Tri Kappa supports local not-for-profit organizations by providing an area devoted to their wares, ranging from homemade candy, jelly and jams, and cheese balls to the Mental Health Association wreaths, yellow trash bags, and bake sales.  The admission is $3 per person with all proceeds supporting charity, culture, and education projects in the community. Tri Kappa donates over $11,000 annually to local schools, and supports local services such as Meals on Wheels, Senior Services, Arts Council, Riley Children’s Hospital, Sheltering Wings, and Mental Health.  Tri Kappa does wonderful things for Hendricks Country. So by shopping local, it's a triple gift.  Think global, buy local is my motto.
The place was packed with buyers and had well over a hundred booths...

 A Facebook and artist friend, Bee Skinner, was showing.  I tried to get a photo of her booth without a lot of people in it, no was always full as well.  Her work is fun, unique, and bold.  She is a glass artist that currently is working heavily with fusing.

Her booth is lovely and displays her work's another shot.  I did not do her work justice. It was a really quick shot because several people stepped out. She also has an Etsy shop and you can catch her on Facebook.

This is a very interesting and unique show…very home town sort of event with some very high quality work and some Christmas seasonal items, that is also part of charm of the show.   I was surprised by at the number of artists PLUS everything was handmade. I was even more surprised by some of those artists’ quality of work.  Work that isn’t typically found at a holiday craft show.  
Overall, it was a gift shopper’s dream and one of the best kept secrets of Central Indiana.  Everything was well displayed and had pieces that I would buy (and I did buy).  Maybe, I’m too old school when it comes to holiday shopping, but I loved the mix art, craft, and the charm of the seasonal items.  There was something for everyone there. So mark your calendars for next year's shopping.
Later Gators,