Backyard winter garden is done!!!! Bird photos and Etsy

 Monday's chore was cleaning out the deck garden and getting it ready for winter.  Next on the list was getting it ready for bird studies.  Which really means getting out all the bird feeders with all the cleaning and filling done.
 Then it was the waiting game of the feeders are fill, where are the birds??? They figured out that the Stumpps have a fly-thur chow line now.
 This little guy (above) was funny.  He kept on wanting to jump up there with the big birds.
 I guess the robin is waiting in line.
Mr. Squirrel had no problems with joining his feathered friends. 

My focus for the weeks is working on jewelry photos for Etsy.  It's a new lighting setup and new camera. So far, well, it's been a lot of tweaking but it's coming along.  It takes a bit but as soon as I hit the sweet spot, it will be much quicker.  I'm just out of the swing. 

Later Gators!