2013…Ringing in the New Year

This year has been an interesting year with many changes.  I’ve been thinking more and more about the changes, how it will shape the rest of my life, and what directions to I want to go.  There have been many days of ‘good intentions’ but just didn’t hit the mark of accomplishment.  There have also been many challenges that I was surprised that things turned out so well.  Those are the ‘oh yeah, I did it’ days that I want more of.

Our front window, with artist blown glass.

A friend and fellow artist, Lynne Medsker is working with a two word concept for the year.   Her blog post “Words and Intent” is a great read.  So…toe tap, toe tap…I have been sitting at the keyboard writing these lofty resolutions; then pondering about them.  The all hinge on two concepts…organization and schedule.

Since there have been so many changes recently in my life, organization is key to me.   Schedule is also key, because I’m out of sync with my new creative path.  Glass became second nature to me but mixed media hasn’t made that mark yet.  It’s much more challenging to me as well.  I get to pick and choose but I’m also not proficient in any yet.  That’s going to take time and dedication but I’m good with that.  The path of least resistance isn’t always the best, it depends on the goal.

That leads me back to goals…organization and schedule. Now those are a bit odd coming out of an artist’s mouth but business is also part of being an artist.  Or it is for this one.  My concept is paring down to build a foundation then add as I go, that’s the organization part.  The schedule part will last as long as I need to set a pattern of efficiency.  When I add to the foundation, I’ll add it to my schedule. It’s simple as that.

The snowfall on the trees are right out of fairyland.
This leads me to my focus points…that’s just a fancy name for ‘to-do’ list.   

These are current and to be re-evaluated as the year moves on.  Life has a habit of making changes that a person can’t stop.  So why fight it…I’m working with the seasons instead.

Single drops of water, combined with many, make up a world of ice.

First off…
I’m finally done with having a couple websites, a business blog, a personal blog, working on this or that…whatever.  I’m just here, my blog.  It’s also a landing page for my Etsy shop, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and whatever else I decide to add later. 

There are only so many hours in the day and trying to keep with all the ‘you have to have this’ online isn’t working for me.  There comes a point that marketing and social media isn’t helpful if it takes away from creation.  So for right now, that’s where I need to be…creating.  It’s a balance that I’m working towards.

Winter sky of grey with a single watcher.

I’m taking some time for me; this is part of the schedule issue.  When an artist’s hobbies become more than just a hobby, they become self-employed and the hobby goes by the way side.  So this year, I’m taking time for a new hobby, hand building pottery.  Classes start on January 10th.   I’m betting you will see photos so don’t worry that you’ll miss anything.
A photo is worth a thousand words....this is how I feel about snow.  Normally, I don't mind but I'm snowed out early.


 Keep my photo files organized!  There is no great time eater.  If I don’t keep up on my photos, it becomes overwhelming to say the least.  It’s also back to Flickr!  It’s an easy way for me to organize my photos, sketches, and work.  Instead of having all the photos on my iPhone, just use the Flickr app instead. 

Now why did you get a novel when normally my blog posts are short and sweet?  Well, don’t get used to it.  Most of my future posts are most likely going to be photos, at least until I can figure out all the buttons and knobs on the new camera.  The other, I've found if I write and post it, I do it.
Later Gators!