12-12-12...a new Digital Mixed Media series

Today has been a good productive day…I’ve started a new series called ’12-12-12’.  I think that’s what I will name it.  12-12-12 is a once in a lifetime day so spending it with creative energy was the way for me to go.  

The favor of the series is line and texture.

Sometimes, a series is more than just an idea or creative thought.  It’s a way to let a person know that the entire series can flow to together. 

When a series flows, it can be hung together in a wall grouping.  I’m hoping that it will hit that mark that I’ve set.
This series just didn't pop out today. I've had a lot of prep time the last couple of weeks.  Creating a huge number of backgrounds, then storing them away to use later.  Anyway, sometimes it would be much quicker for me just to paint the piece than to create it in digital format. This is one of those 'hmmmmm' moments that I've been thinking about. 
Have a great 12-12-12 day!