The last of my summer garden...last show of the show of the season...

 It's one of those bittersweet days...the beauty of the day combined with knowing that winter is right around the corner.  The above is from my flower garden.  I've been playing with my 50mm lens and I should be getting ready for:
It's our first and only show of the season!  Bob will be showing his baskets, I will be bringing out a lot of paintings but no digital yet.  It's also the last time I will be showing jewelry.  I didn't realize just how big of an inventory I have in huge actually. So I will be doing a huge studio sale on Etsy soon.

These are some watercolor & ink minis (5x7's) I've been working on for the show.  They are great for stocking stuffers and room groupings. 

Ok...back to bagging the mini!

Have a great weekend,