Selective Saturation...Photography...chores

Today is a chore day so I'm going to miss Fine Art Friday, again. It's just been one of those days.  Mostly it's because I'm working is a studio that is a tad bit too small for all the stuff I have stuffed into it. Now wasn't that a mouth full of a sentence?  

I've been working on selective saturation and photography, more for a series of art cards. My biggest issue with art cards is that most times it's such a hassle to mat.  I'm working on a way that the card comes pre matted note card. It's still in the experimental stages but I'm getting close...almost there.  It's keeping the cards bright and multi occasion plus at a price that doesn't make somebody hack up a hairball.

Izzy has turned into the studio/office cat.  She has several places that are HER 'spots' that we are fighting over.  She's a rather large kitty that has fine, floaty hair...well, I think I've said enough there.  You got the add paint. Yeah, this has been an ongoing test of wills on both our parts.

Now...I've gotta get some more work done. So everyone have a wonderful weekend!

Later Gators,