Hoosier Artisan Boutique...from a shopper and artist

Saturday, 11/24/12, Bob and I dropped in at the Hoosier Artisan Boutique.  The show was held at Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Noblesville, Indiana.  It’s a small show but a well-rounded show, with lots of different items.  The 65 artisans were all from Indiana, a major plus in my book. They had some Christmas themed items, lots of gift items, and some fine art as well.  All in all, a great show to shop at for the holidays.  It has great parking and it was easy to find…what more could a shopper ask for.

I walked by Elizabeth Wamsley's booth...I love pottery....
 Lovely booth, the setup displayed her work very well but the below is what caught my eye. The only reason why I didn't walk out with them is because we are currently deciding if we are adding on to the house or moving.  I just can't justify buying more pottery if I have to pack and move it. If you are interested in her work, she's on Facebook!!!
I caught Bob, my hubby, in another booth.  Mixed media artist, Sharon Tesser, has the most wonderful and unique work. Bob picked up some of her fabric bowls to go inside his baskets. When he gets a couple made, I'll post pics.

Sharon also had a lovely display...her work can be found on her website. I am very impressed with her work...she is just starting the show journey and in the years to come, she's gonna be a major hitter on the trail.

All-in-all....it's a great show for shopping!!! 

I also ran into a couple people that I love their work...one is Claudia Lord.  If you get a chance, peek into her Etsy shop...she does very unique photographic fine art.

The other artist was Sabrina Verkamp, lettering artist. She created uber fabulous  hand painted glasses, ornaments and unity candles..that can be personalized.  Wonderful for those special happenings like weddings!!  She has an Etsy shop and website.

Ok...I'm off to get my own work done...