Frog studies...the beginning of the artistic process, the photography

I’m sharing a bit of the creative process with you.  It all started with seeing a frog in my garden, on one of the last warm days of the season.  It’s was Thanksgiving Day of all days.  Poof…I thought wouldn’t be kewl to do a frog series.  I rush upstairs and grab the camera then spent the rest of the afternoon with Mr. Frog.  I took hundreds of photos. Not all of them are visually wonderful, but each of the below has something that I'm look for.  It might only be the position of the head.
I then posted one of the photos on Facebook and poof, another artist friend Steven Keller helped me out.  His brother, Geoff Keller and artist, helped by letting us know that it’s Eastern Gray Tree Frog.
The below is a sample of the shots.  I needed several different angles and positions. Now I will gather up my photos and start drawing.  I start with realist but I end of with whimsical. It's a style that I enjoy the most.


Have a froggie day!