I'm back...cat digital art...part photography, part digital

I'm back...

I'm back to work...not that most of you would know it because I have neglected my blog. You will see me more...more in photos than words. I've found that I very much enjoy either being behind a lens of a camera or with a paint brush in my hand. I also needed a break from blogging…it seems that Facebook consumes too much of my time and energy.

The below is one of my favorites...Rainbow Kitty

I'm getting close to finishing up this cat series.  These will be matted to 8x10.  The next project...will be flowers and leaves. 

I'm taking advantage of the quite.  Bob is still in Boston and yes, he's fine.  Frankenstorm hit New Jersey and New York City hard but were he's at, it wasn't too bad.

Ok...back to work, I've got a lot to catch up on.

Later Gators,