The Burning Times are back… the war on women from a 50+ yr/old woman looking for sanity …

As sit back and read my daily screen time of the news, I’m appalled of what is happening.  I’m mystified of why there is such a need in government to worry about happens in a woman’s uterus.   

Arizona recently passed a bill dubbed the “wrongful birth” bill, which basically allows doctors to withhold information about potential birth defects to prevent abortions.   Aren’t people connecting the dots here…this type of information withholding can threaten both the mother and the baby’s life.   It’s also skip the BS…it’s a law that shields gross medical misconduct.  OBs and Gyns have always had high medical malpractice insurance premiums in the medical field.  They normally rank in the top five.

So how about all those forced ultrasound bills?  Or Oklahoma’s “heartbeat” abortion bill?  A similar initiative in Mississippi was defeated by the voters last year. 

While the debates (and new laws are being passed) regarding pro-life issues, there are still the debates on stem cell research that isn’t being talked about.   Stem cell research is embryonic.  Don’t get me wrong  here, I am very pro stem cell research.  It might be the direction that will give the answers to the cure or treatment of countless diseases from everything to Parkinson’s to Type-1 diabetes.   BUT for 8 ½ years, a faith-based ban kept the scientific community from researching this tangent.   Finally in 2009, Obama signed an executive order that would make “scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology.” 

So what does all of that have to do with women’s reproductive rights?   Or Mitt Rommey’s pledge to “get rid of Planned Parenthood”  but seen supporting that organization in 1994 and what he said (onYouTube)Rick Santorum’s birth control is “just a few dollars”…or the insanity ofnew sexual laws?  Plus Texas’ choice tolose it’s funding for a women’s health program that serves low-income families.  Reality check here…the last time I checked, women just don’t spontaneously reproduce.  I haven't seen three wise men is an election year. :-) 

Let clarify here...I don't always believe what I read on the internet but there seems to be a trend here.

It all has to do with stem cell reasearch???  "Scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology”  isn’t happening.  I’m not even going to chat about the debates regarding gay marriage…if you are still reading this, you can connect the dots.

I’m viewing this issue on a logical format here…we have a Christian favored Taliban currently in our country.   It’s both in State and Federal government.  Why?  Could it be a smoke and mirrors for the real issues that are happening?  Like unemployment…education…global economy…immigration…energy issues and the list goes on and on and on and on.

This whole who’s got the biggest-baddest imaginary friend is pathetic.  Some of what I’m reading would make McCarthy proud and that is simply scary.

My point is that I’m for sanity and common sense but I’m having troubles finding it.