Why iPhoneography...a Visual Artist's Viewpoint

I’ve been asked many times…”why iPhoneography”  or  “does that cell phone camera really work?”   First off, I don’t know about all cell phone cameras but my iPhone does work well.  “Why iPhoneography?” that’s a much longer explanation. 
Using an iPhone camera has its perks, like it’s almost always with me.  Whereas my other cameras, generally aren’t…either I don’t have them with me or I have to dig them out of their case. So much time can be lost to snap that great picture.   So the accessibility and ease of the iPhone wins out many times.   It makes me pay attention to the world around me…I don’t want to miss something.
Moonrise at Vesper

IPhoneography is becoming its own art form.  IPhones have revolutionized photography…it’s a tool that can capture a vanishing moment.  It is the opportunity to make a visual statement…it’s a process of freezing time…it is a visual concept that sometimes cannot be expressed by mere words.  It starts with the photos are taken with an iPhone and then edited on the iPhone.  I also use my iPad as well.  It’s the same apps, it’s just I have old eyes and the screen is larger.   Image manipulation is the other ‘great and wonderful’ element that keeps me coming back to my iPhone. 

Nox...my cat

Still, no matter what the camera…I have to follow the light.  Light is what brings power/energy/life to the image.  Which is very important to me because there are many times that I paint from the photo image.  There are many times that either I don't have the time to sketch out the piece or something happens, like darkness or weather, that I have to move on. 

Anyway, you will see more iPhotography info from me in the future because iPhoneography is the future.

Later Gators,