iPhone apps...the direction I seem to be going...iphoneography

The above and below both started out paintings.  The above was a watercolor (with ink) and the below was an acrylic (with lots of texture).  I then took an iPhone photo, then processed them though several (I lost count) of apps.  These are the result.

The below started out as this weird, broken stained glass window that I took a photo of.  Then the process was much the same.

I have no idea of where I want to take this...so far, it's just been a great way for me to expand my palette with my Yupo paintings.  Still in the experimental stages...we'll see where it leads me. 

I've been rather busy getting all my files organized and learning a bunch of new software...my laptop crashed and burned a couple of weeks ago.  Dell did make good and sent me a new one.  After three motherboards in less than six months...you know the drill. 

Since things are FINALLY coming together...I'm going back on the torch...YEAH...I hear glass calling my name.  It's just been one thing after another.  I've got another show that I've been invited to.  More about that later...

I'll leave you with a self portrait...all iPhone...

BTW, in case you can't tell...an iPhone does have a flash. :-)
Later Gators,