New Mixed Water Media...YUPO

 I have found YUPO!!!!  Love it, even though it is a pain to seal.  The paint pops and it's sooooo smooth.  It's also the green way to go. 
These are matted framed out to 11x14's.  Sealed so well that they can even go into a bathroom or kitchen.  That's what I like the most about Yupo, if sealed correctly, it's totally timex (takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'). 

Today, has been a framing day.  I've got 7 done so far with another dozen or so yet to go this evening.  Most of the sizes are 11x14s with some 16x20s...even some 8x8s and 8x10s.  I am going to frame some 5x7s too.  I use that size to perk up my bookshelves and over the fireplace....hint, hint, hint.

I will be bring out a lot of new work on First Friday, at Art Bank. 

Later Gators,